Sunday, November 28, 2010


RCXY is one of the country's top creative fashion stylists and wishes to expand his creative pursuits through music. RCXY has been actively attending various parties since 1995 and has witnessed the evolution of Manila's underground/alternative subculture from the streetparties in Orosa in 1995, parties at the legendary ABG's in Pasong Tamo, Consortium series of parties, gigs at Club Dredd (then at Km.16) and Mayric's, to Streetlife, Fashion Cafe in Glorietta in the early 2000, to the decadent clubbing scene in Makati Ave, Pasong Tamo Avenue, Malate and more recently at Fluxxe, ILY X Future in Cubao X and at B-Side at The Collective in Makati. He shares, "What I like about Panty Monsters is that the attendees are coming from all walks of life and different sets of cliques and how different everyone may be, we are all bonded for our strong love for fashion and personal style. With many clubs imposing strict dress codes, Panty Monsters welcomes diversity and has a high respect on freedom of expression through fashion. We also get to listen to songs we secretly love which many mainstream DJs are afraid to play in many clubs" When asked to play in some clubs, Panty Monsters make sure that dress codes are waived and that anyone who wants to come in even in their underwear should be allowed to enter. RCXY's first DJ gig was at Panty Monsters Fried Edition at B-Side and his most successful set was teaming up with Mono at The Black Party in Malate.


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